Board of Directors

Christina Belza, PhD, RN, BSCN, MN, ACNP

Medical Director

Emily Ghent, MSW

Vice President

Stacey Pollock, PhD, MSc, BSC

Charity Director, and Director of Fundraising

Dr. Nicola Jones, MD, FRCPC, PhD

Camp Doctor

Honorable Jerry S. Grafstein, B.A., J.D., Q.C.

Ex Officio

Paul Martin, President CEO KRG

Ex Officio

Camp Physicians

Dr. Yaron Avitzur, MD

Dr. Nicola Jones, MD, PhD

Camp Doctor & Board Member

Dr. Vicky Ng, MD

Dr. Paul Wales, MD

Dr Chia Wei Teoh, MD

Dr Harry Sutton, MD

Camp Doctor

Nursing Team

Christina Belza, PhD

Medical Director

Jaina Leitch

Maria DeAngeles

Kailyn Bolyn

Krista Murch

Suzie Boucher

Elizabeth Garofalo

Stacey Tritchew

Emily Eitel

Liz Dale

Natalie D Amato

Margaret Schwan

Lauren Zettle

Alyssa Gonin

Jennifer Stunguris

Jen Lesurf

Alice Paradis

Hazel Pleasants-Terashita

Camp Staff & Leaders

Emily Ghent

Stacey Pollock

Program Director - Wenonah

Dan Harrisson

Tom Appleyard