Wednesday Morning Reflection – The Gift of Life

18 Jul 2012, Posted by admin in Uncategorized
My Morning Reflection – The Gift of Life

Each year while at camp I find myself  awestruck by the campers’ spirit and believe firmly that camp is truly a celebration of the gift of life. There is no more compelling case for how organ transplantation works than seeing a large group of kids of all ages – recipients of hearts, kidneys, livers, lungs and bowels running, swimming, kayaking, competing, cheering, laughing and enjoying themselves.
Starting from the bus ride up, and throughout the week, we hear the kids sharing their incredible transplant stories…… Sharing and comparing scars, discussing the medications they require, and the journeys they have taken. They understand one another. Those who are still waiting get encouragement from their new friends….  There is a spirit and exuberance here where we are all the same and we are all amazing. The campers have so much to teach us all about joy and living. As you look through the pictures I hope you will see the gift of life shining through.
Have a great day!
Yours in Camping, Stacey

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