A note to our campers

23 May 2020, Posted by Stacey in Life

Dear Kivita Campers, By now you know that Camp Kivita will not be happening this summer due to Covid-19.  As always, your health and safety and that of your families is our very top priority. We know you were very excited to meet new friends and...

Reflection 4: Gratitude for our supporters

14 Aug 2019, Posted by Stacey in featured, Life, Testimonials

Dear families and supporters, This morning’s reflection is dedicated to our amazing financial donors and supporters. It is very early morning here at Kivita and the rousing of  the camp is just starting. The lake is simply breathtaking and the air crisp and fresh. It is...

Reflection 2: Friendship

12 Aug 2019, Posted by Stacey in featured, Life, Uncategorized

        Good morning families and friends! It was an incredible first day and pictures will be coming!! The first day of camp is a whirl of getting settled in, swim tests, feeling your way through a new space and new people, and most importantly the foundation of...