Friday reflection: Transformation and the magnificent gift of life

19 Aug 2016, Posted by Stacey in featured, Life, Uncategorized

Dear Families and Supporters,

Happy Friday! It is so hard to believe it is already Friday and the last full day of camp. How we can we help but feel a bit sentimental as we approach the end of the camp session – but what a week it has been! With all the action and fun one of the splendid things that happen at camp is the transformation of our campers. All of us who live, breathe and work in the field of organ donation and transplantation know the wonder and awe of organ donation. Each moment, our children and campers exemplify the magnificent gift of life! There is no more compelling case for how organ transplantation works than seeing so many kids of all ages – recipients of hearts, kidneys, livers, lungs and bowels enjoying themselves at camp; whether it is singing, running,  kayaking, competing, climbing ropes, inventing new games, cheering, laughing, searching for frogs, picking berries off the trees or immersing in the cool lake at camp.

Our campers have had incredible health care journeys and stories…… Whether they are living with organ failure or have had their transplant, we are grateful to be a part of it.  Each of our team are incredibly touched to be a part of this extraordinary journey and  will continue to forge ahead in our mission to provide camp and raise awareness for organ donation and transplantation in Canada in the years ahead.

On a very personal note, witnessing the change and growth in so many of our campers has been a true blessing. Campers like Suzie –  a heart transplant recipient at the age of 8 months, who I knew as a young researcher at Sickkids,  and a camper for 8 years, now turning 18 and a beautiful grown young woman in her final summer as a camper at camp. Suzie exemplifies kindness, positivity and natural leadership – as well as brilliance as she is heading to nursing school in September!!!!!!!! (HURRAY!! We cannot wait for Suzie to return as a camp nurse!!). It is so inspiring to see how the young campers look up to her and how she is an extraordinary role model. I feel ridiculously proud to be able to have shared in her summers over the years and to have witnessed her grow into such a an exceptional person.  I know I speak on behalf of the entire camp kivita family when I say we are so very proud of you and we wish you the greatest success in your nursing studies and all your future endeavors and we cannot wait to hear about all you do. Here are just a few pictures from over the years of the transformation of our Suzie!




We hope as you peruse through the pictures and videos from this week (and many more today and tomorrow!) you will see the awesome spirit and exuberance of all our campers shining through. They have so much to teach us all about joy and living and we believe the gift of life is shining through.


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On behalf of the camp team




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