Friday Morning Reflection – The Beautiful Gift of Life

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Friday Morning Reflection….
The Beautiful Gift of Life

Camp Kivita is truly a celebration of the gift of life. Throughout camp, we are amazed at how our campers encapsulate what living life is all about. Making new friends, learning, swimming, running, kayaking, competing, relaxing, daring, laughing, pushing limits, skipping through nature, overcoming obstacles, trying new things, challenging, experiencing, reflecting, and simply living life to the fullest. More than 60 campers –  those that have been transplanted and live with their gift of life, those who are waiting, and those with organ failure who share in the camp experience are all bonded by a shared experience of organ donation. For our campers it is a chance to share with others who have been through similar experiences and create new and wonderful memories that will last forever.

I’ve reflected before that there is no more compelling case for organ donation and transplantation than seeing our campers of all ages – recipients of hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs and bowels experiencing the magic of camp in all its richness. From the bus ride up to camp on the first day, throughout the adventures of the week, to the final closing ceremonies and emotional journey home, we are touched and inspired by our campers transplant stories. We are in awe of the camper’s joyous spirit and learn so much from them each week at camp.

As you peruse the pictures and anecdotes from camp, I hope that you will share in the exuberance, joy and magic of camp and see the beautiful gift of life shining through to us all.

Have a wonderful day!
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