Thursday reflection: Leadership and Growth

18 Aug 2016, Posted by Stacey in Uncategorized

Dear Families and Supporters,

Good morning! It is indeed a wonderful morning! The power is back and the sun is shining and the campers are all out and about.

There is no question that camp is about friendships, teamwork and shared experiences as we are forced to coexist and do activities together. But one of the hidden gems of camp is the unique space camp provides that allows individuals to push themselves independently, and to grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment. Over the last few years, our team has thought a lot about the opportunities for growth and development that camp affords to our children. A couple of years ago we launched the Leadership in Training program for our oldest campers. At first, this was met with grumbling trepidation. Soon, however, it became a program which campers eagerly anticipated and requested to be a part of. When we moved to Camp Wenonah several years back, we were so thrilled with their emphasis on the leadership program and the wonderful feedback we received from our participants about the positive impact it had on them. For the last two years, we have had two graduates of the leadership program, former campers now too old to attend as campers but still keen to share in the magic of camp, return as volunteer staff. This is utterly thrilling to us!

This summer we are so proud to have Michael and Kareem back as stgrowthaff extraordinaire. Both are kidney transplant recipients who have attended camp for many years and have grown and developed in front of our eyes.


We are immensely proud of the work they have been doing this week – they act as mentors, role models, helpers, advocates and friends to the campers, and take leadership roles in programs, evening programs and activities. They truly understand what our campers are experiencing and have the context, health care and life experiences to be real life mentors and leaders to our kids. It is emotional and beautiful for us to see these young leaders growing into adulthood and we are  deeply thankful for you. You are making a huge difference and the Camp Kivita family is so very proud of you!

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Yours in camping,


On behalf of the team

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