Monday morning reflection: New friends, old friends….and the space in between.

15 Aug 2016, Posted by Stacey in featured, Life

Dear Camp Family and Friends,


It was an awesome and busy, beautiful sunny first day as everyone is settling well in to camp. The first afternoon is an action packed day as everyone gets acquainted, familiarizes themselves with their new “home away from home”, a first swim in the lake, and of course so many new faces.

In the flurry of all the activity something special always starts to happen at camp as friendships start to form. It does not matter whether it is your first time away and everyone is new, or you are returning to see old friends and familiar faces. By virtue of the shared experiences, activities, or unique living space (cabins with 10-12 campers!) bonds inevitably start to form. Campers often relay to us that although they didn’t see their camp friends all year, when they arrive at camp its as if they were never apart. There is something truly unique and magical about the friendships formed at camp. Whether you are outgoing and lively, or shy, reserved and quiet – all of our campers can find timagesheir voice, their place and their new friends and family. One of my favorite things at camp is to see older kids helping younger ones; whether it be leading by example, lending a hand, going first at an activity to alleviate the fear, braiding a young girls hair, cheering for a younger team mate or just sitting together around the dining room table – eating or in lunch time song or around a night time camp fire. There is something very special about the more senior campers mentoring the younger ones.

The program at camp including the many wonderful group activities along with plenty of time for individual development and quiet reflective moments are the perfect recipe to ensure friendships are are nurtured and can blossom. The staff at camp wenonah, our incredible host camp are ready and eager for adventures and fun. Our team is a deeply supportive family and we are so excited for an amazing day where your children are active, learning, laughing and playing and friendships are blossoming in the glorious sun up in Bracebridge, Ontario


Stay tuned for pictures and stories as we begin our first full day at Camp!!!

Yours in camping.


On behalf of the Camp Team


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