Saturday Reflectıon – saying goodbye when we only just said hello

15 Aug 2015, Posted by Stacey in Uncategorized

Dear Friends and families,

It is very early Saturday morning and it ıs hard to belıieve it is already the end of camp. ‘How do we say goodbye when we only just said hello??? 


A week at camp is a short moment in time but it is long enough for memories to have been built to last a lifetime. This past week our campers have been immersed in the splendor of natüre – the  magnıfıcent lake, the ability to find quiet reflective moments in the most beautiful and natural setting, the trees and flowers, the docks perched at the waterfront, the treehouse, the woods and the freshest air amidst the beauty that is camp.  This week our campers have had the opportunity to experience new activities,  improve old skills, compete,  help one another, relax, contemplate, shed worries, and just be themselves. Taking a walk through the camp, one can see children lounging on the big comfy chairs, chatting and laughing. In the span of a few  days  the campers have become a family.  Young and old, new and returning campers, counsellors and staff. Bonded by a shared and magical  experience this week at camp. 

We are honoured and grateful to be able to provide camp for all our children.  Camp Kivita is a celebration of the gift of life.  Whether it is a child living with advanced organ failure, or an organ transplant, we have seen first hand how camp can transform lives and we are thrilled to have shared this journey with you. Our mission is also to raise awareness for organ donation and transplantation and as you peruse the pictures from this past week we know that the beautiful gift of life  is shining through in the joy and wonder of the campers living life to the fullest at camp.

Although we just said hello, today we must say farewell for now but we hope you will cherish the memories and join us again. We thank  you the parents for entrusting us with your children, we express gratitude to our phenomenal donors and supports, and we thank our amazing campers!  On behalf of your team and all the volunteers we thank you for a truly incredible week at camp.


Your in camping,

The Camp Kivita team

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