Important Update: Aug 7, 2018

Dear Kivita Campers and Families,
The Camp Kivita team has always made all decisions with the safety of our campers as the most important factor.  Due to an active outbreak of Hand Foot and Mouth disease at camp, we regret to share with you that we must cancel Camp Kivita this year. This has been an extraordinarily difficult decision. 
Over the last two weeks, there have been numerous cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFM) at Camp with both campers and counselors displaying symptoms consistent with HFM. While the numbers remain relatively small, there continue to be new cases presenting daily (including today). Through our consultations with Public Health, Infectious Disease and our Transplant Medical colleagues, we understand that there is a risk to children who are immune suppressed or have organ failure. 
While HFM is most often associated with infants and children, it’s very common and in the vast majority of cases, an extremely mild condition.   We are also aware from numerous physicians (as well as The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto) that this year has seen significant increases in HFM cases across Ontario.  Importantly, HFM can be more serious and cause detrimental effects in children who are immune suppressed or have organ failure.  It can cause prolonged and persistent infection to transplanted and organ failure patients, and in some case can be associated with additional medical risks and consequences. This is not a chance we are willing to take.
We are extremely proud to partner with Camp Wenonah and know that they have taken every possible precaution to prevent and contain this outbreak. We are mindful that this is a very difficult decision for everyone involved. Please know that we have explored every possible alternative solution, and are truly devastated to cancel camp this summer. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call us (Christina Belza –  416- 488-3936 or  Stacey Bar-Ziv – 416-985-2310).
Yours sincerely,
Christina Belza, Emily Ghent, Stacey Bar-Ziv (Directors)
Dr’s Avitzur, Jones, Ng, Wales (Medical Team)

If you have questions please email us at


CAMP KIVITA IN THE NEWS! Watch our interview with the CBC’s Dwight Drummond on Camp Kivita & Organ Donation and Transplantation in Ontario here:  Special thanks to Camper Isabella and the Amazing CBC Team!!



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Typical Day

Typical Day at Camp



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Camp means everlasting bonds with amazing friends who know the struggles of life. We know that each day is a gift and camp gives us that escape that we need to get our minds off of our health issues. Camp also gives us a chance to do things we may never do which is so much fun!!!

kidney transplant recipient

I had a great time at camp. There were so many activities to choose from it was hard to pick. Doing the Leadership in Training program was an amazing experience, we grew and learned a lot. I will definitely be taking some of the skills I learned at camp and applying to my daily life

kidney transplant recipient

Anyone who asks me how my summer this year was has always gotten the same answer – Camp Kivita was definitely the highlight of my summer. I had so much fun doing summer activities and trying new things such as kayaking and archery. The entire experience just meant so much to me because I made many new friends who I could easily relate to since we all had transplants. I loved getting to know people who have been through the same things that I have. I just want to thank all the staff and coordinators at camp kivita, all the nurses and everyone who made transplant camp possible because without them I wouldn’t have had this once in a lifetime experience.

kidney transplant recipient

I really loved camp. It was AWESOME AND EPIC!!! THANK YOU for accepting me!!!
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